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Portland Astoria

Portland, Oregon

The Portland Astoria site consists of a full block located within the Central City Plan District of downtown Portland. Conveniently located downtown the site is in proximity of a number of amenities. Within a five-minute walk are restaurants and cafes in each cardinal direction. Portland State University, government offices, theaters and a thriving business district also surround the site on all sides. Nationally recognized open spaces including the Tom McCall Waterfront Park, Ira Keller Park and Pettygrove Park are also within a five-minute walk of the site.

The project was developed on a complex site consisting of a surface parking lot on the northern half of the block and a large concrete structure on the southern half that provides vehicle and truck access to a parking and loading area beneath the KOIN Tower to the west and Essex House to the northwest. The existing concrete structure remained operational on-site during construction and was ultimately incorporated in the new development.

The massing of the building is set up to be three simple masses organized to respond appropriately to the varying site conditions. The three masses include a 20-story tower, a smaller 16-story wing that extends north-south along SW 2nd and a 5-story podium at the southeast corner. The east-west orientation of the tower and its 20' setback from SW Columbia preserves views from the KOIN Tower toward the Willamette River. The 16-story wing to the tower is positioned along SW 2nd maximizing views toward the river through a view corridor created by the Marriott hotel and the Crown Plaza located east and southeast of the site. The three masonry clad masses are stitched together with a window wall and composite metal panel component. The simple massing and traditional materials, contrasted with contemporary detailing provide a cohesive design. The scale and texture of building materials and the rigorous pattern of openings in the building facades is consistent with the well-designed buildings in the South Downtown neighborhood. 

Balconies and roof top amenity spaces have been strategically placed to enhance the connection between the residents and the river. The three roof deck amenity spaces are all positioned for maximum solar exposure and views to the south and southwest over the West hills and to the east over the River toward Mt. Hood.

The composition of the facades are organized to create a contemporary base, middle and top to the building accentuated by the scale of openings, integration of contrasting building materials and expression of program uses. Consistent use of canopies, large transparent commercial storefronts, building entries and future ground floor tenant signage together define the sidewalk level of the building. The combination of natural materials, like the wood storefronts at the main lobby entrance and within the canopy soffits, and modern detailing is intended to differentiate itself from the middle and top of the building and create a warm and inviting pedestrian experience.


483,152 SF


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