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Blocks 68 & 69

Boise, Idaho

The Block 68 Redevelopment Project is a part of a larger neighborhood wide revitalization effort, which includes blocks 68, 69, 79, and the future construction of a new Downtown YMCA facility.

The Blocks 68, 69, and 79 redevelopment projects include:

Block 68 South

A 15 story, mixed-use tower with 189 Senior Living units above a 575 stall, shared parking facility. The ground floor is reserved for retail, clinic space and lobbies.

Block 68 North

The 98,000 square foot Treasure Valley YMCA will anchor the corner of 11th and State St.

Block 69

Seven stories and 210 units of workforce housing are planned for Block 69. A childcare facility, retail, and the housing lobby front State Street at the ground level.

Block 79

In the final phase of development, the current YMCA facility will be torn down to make way for a 176-unit housing project with 200 additional parking stalls below grade.

The Blocks 68, 69, and 79 redevelopments will expand the opportunity for the active workforce to secure housing. Make it easier for residents to bus, bike, and walk to surrounding amenities and services via the 11th Street Bikeway Project. Upon completion this new neighborhood will elevate the architecture of Boise's urban fabric, reduce the demand on the existing transportation infrastructure, and further the City of Boise's long term sustainability goals. 


Pivot North


921,469 SF


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