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710 Oregon Square Redevelopment

Portland, OR

The 710 Building is poised to be an anchor commercial office or headquarter space that is anchored by shared space and access to the outdoors.  These aspects of office planning principles in the midst of concern over health, biophilia and carbon help amplify the importance of repurposing, reshaping and reconstruction existing buildings to contribute to be a meaningful part of the fabric of our city and our neighborhood. In the 710 Building the light is brought in through a connection of wood with stadium seating and circulation that then extends through moveable glass wall to connect to the outdoors. 

This project was completed in partnership with the 830 Building. One of the most sustainable approaches to building design is to reuse the existing buildings.  This is not for their charm and their character, or even the craft that went into the construction of existing buildings.  The embodied energy of a building when using existing is measured by what is added, while new construction it is the energy to construction and harvest construction materials.  By renovating the two existing buildings at Oregon Square we were able to avoid embodied energy and carbon but were able to breath fresh air into these buildings. 


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Restore Oregon - DeMuro Award

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