Con-way Master Plan
Portland, Oregon
Con-way Master Plan
Con-way Master Plan
Portland, Oregon

Con-way, Inc. was founded as a small, regional trucking company in Portland in 1929. Although Con-way’s headquarters are now located in Ann Arbor, Michigan, they still control over 17 acres in Northwest Portland and maintain a presence in two large office buildings.

GBD and Con-way created a master plan development framework; using this, Con-way plans to sell parcels to private developers for redevelopment. Con-way does not plan to act as a developer on any of the parcels—development will be mixed-use and market driven. Through the master plan and development framework, Con-way hopes to meet the following goals:

  • Design a mixed-use quarter that includes employment, housing, retail, open space and community uses
  • Embrace sustainable planning, design and construction in all facets of the development
  • Support a multi-modal transportation system that accommodates auto, pedestrians, bicyclists and transit
  • Enhance the livability of the entire area
  • Create memorable places and spaces that give the site a distinct character and offer places for public activity
  • Encourage both market and affordable family housing
  • Pursue partnerships with government, institutions and other groups to achieve common objectives

The City of Portland approved the master plan in September 2012; GBD is orchestrating the preliminary stages of this multi-year, multi-phase effort.


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