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Vancouver, Washington

Blending modern sustainability with time-honored tradition, Timberhouse offers 248 apartments with stunning views of Vancouver, Mount Hood, and the Columbia River. Timberhouse earns its name with the use of Heavy Timber columns and Cross Laminated Timber floor panels (CLT). Compared to conventional concrete and steel structures, CLT provides a precise kit of parts that installs quickly, while using a rapidly renewable material (trees!), which significantly reduce the carbon footprint.

With built CLT projects in Canada, Australia and Europe leading the way, new building codes have confirmed CLT’s use in the USA. Standing 12 stories high, Timberhouse is on track to become the tallest Heavy Timber/CLT building in North America.

Timberhouse is part of an expansive new development of the Vancouver Waterfront, connecting new buildings with the natural riverside setting. Taking direction from this location, the Timberhouse tower design starts with small openings to the North which grow larger to the South, moving from the city and rail activity to the inviting greenway and expansive river views. Lush landscaped roof amenity decks also open to the southern scenic views while providing interior and exterior amenities for residents to lounge, barbecue, or share a fireside setting.

Capitalizing on the speed of CLT construction, Timberhouse is designed with premanufactured bathrooms and a parking matrix system that further reduces on-site construction time and environmental impact.
The project is led by Headwater Development and constructed by Swinerton Builders. GBD Architects serves as the Design Architect, partnered with Architect of Record; BGO Architects of Dallas, Texas. Construction begins Summer of 2019.


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