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2017 Brew Crew introduces ‘Yule Drink!’

December 10, 2016

Once a year, we at GBD brew a custom holiday beer. Our office is located in the Brewery Blocks of NW Portland, and our space used to be home to the fermentation tanks of Henry Weinhard’s brewery, one of the first craft breweries in Oregon. The brewery has long ceased operations, but the spirit of making lives on. We honor the spirit of making by the work that we do as architects, and once a year we honor the beer by working together to create a recipe, brew, bottle, and label around 200 bottles of GBD beer.

In tandem with the creation of this beer, GBD throws an annual First Thursdays Holiday Party. This party is an opportunity for us to show appreciation to our clients, employees and business partners that have worked hard with us throughout the year. At the party, we tap a keg of the year’s special brew and share our unique and limited edition bottles.

With three years and three beers, we’ve embodied the spirit of collaboration with our 2015 Coffee Porter using coffee roasted in Portland by Courier Coffee, honored our former brewery office space with the 2016 Brewhouse Red and celebrated bio-regionalism this season with our 2017 Yule Drink! Cascadian Dark Ale. We look forward to to continuing this tradition and sharing our thoughtful brews with clients and friends.

To that, we say “cheers!” to many more years of great work and great beers!

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