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230 Ash Receives 2020 Demuro Award

September 17, 2020

GBD is honored to receive a Restore Oregon 2020 DeMuro Award for 230 Ash. Restore Oregon has recognized 230 Ash as an outstanding example of compatible infill design in a National Landmark Historic District.

The most exceptional aspect of 230 Ash is how comfortably a contemporary building was inserted into the historic fabric of the Skidmore / Old Town Historic District.  Though every building in its immediate vicinity was constructed over a century ago, the new building feels equally appropriate to both eras: as a handsome addition amidst its historic neighbors but also a respectful and modern approach when considered amongst its recently developed apartment building peers in Portland.  Design strategies used to achieve this seamless integration were attention to overall building massing and careful consideration of finely detailed conditions on the building’s exterior and interior.

Among the more important characteristics of the buildings within the Skidmore / Old Town Historic District is the finely detailed storefronts.  In fact, the District’s buildings represent one of the largest intact collection of cast-iron buildings in the nation.  Key exterior design details that emerged from this consideration were the custom fabricated steel columns at the base of the building inspired by the cast-iron within the District, the concrete keystone street signs integrated into the corners of the building, and the gently sloping brick pilasters along SW 3rd and Ash that required expert brick masons to lay.  

This mixed-use project replaces a surface parking lot with 133 units of affordable and market-rate housing. Its sensitive design complements the historic context and brings needed vitality to neighboring businesses.



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