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Midtown Boise

Boise, Idaho

GBD is actively engaged in Boise to master plan in the Midtown District adjacent to Downtown. Midtown has benefitted from recent community planning efforts in 2017-2018 that have set the vision for the district and provided the foundation for the current master plan work. The current development testing work will identify challenges and propose changes to the regulatory framework to help implement the vision in Midtown. The master plan recognizes the unique riverfront location of the district and builds upon the existing and planned road and open space infrastructure. It sets direction for the phasing of specific sites, testing different programs and parking amounts to determine the most economically viable strategy. The master plan will confirm new street alignments, the location and size of new open spaces and new connection and access types.

GBD is providing the following scope of services :

Team organization and project management; Midtown inventory and analysis, including graphic and written representation of the work; Master plan concept and phasing plan; Strategy for public infrastructure improvements; Specific site program and parking testing; Guidance to City of Boise on current zoning and development regulations.

Status: Ongoing


20 Acres


River Shore Development

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