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PCC E6 Net-Zero

Portland, Oregon

Published in May 2009, The E6 Net Zero Project is a technical report GBD co-authored, along with Gerding Edlen Development, GLUMAC and David Evans & Associates, Inc. The team conducted a concise and thorough investigation of the current energy, water and carbon footprint of Portland Community College's Sylvania campus in southwest Portland.

The report outlines a path to achieving a fully NET ZERO campus.

The study looked at several systems to achieve these ambitious goals, including: solar photovoltaic system; waste to energy system, with a fuel cell that produces electricity; closed loop geothermal system; on-site water harvesting and treatment; HVAC controls upgrades; plumbing fixture replacements; envelope improvements; and centralized chilled water.

The report concluded with five different options for the college to pursue. They ranged from simple energy efficiency upgrades all the way to fully NET ZERO:

  • Option 1.  Building efficiency and water efficiency upgrades
  • Option 2.  2 MW SolarRoof Upgrades plus option 1 measures
  • Option 3.  1.1 MW Generator plus option 1 measures
  • Option 4.  Roof upgrades plus option 1, 2, and 3 measures
  • Option 5 (NET-ZERO).  All measures. Building efficiency measures, Building water efficiency upgrades, Fuel cell, Centralized chilled water, 2 MW Solar PV, Roof upgrades, Closed Loop Geothermal

Funding for construction stems from a $374 million bond measure approved by voters in 2008.  Click here to read more about PCC's bond program.

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